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Not Back To School Camp

Not Back to School Camp

I am posting to spread the word about Not Back To School Camp.

It is a camp for unschoolers/homeschoolers from anywhere on this planet, if they speak English and are between the ages of 13 and 18. Those who go to school part time, are not yet a homeschooler but are about to become one or thinking about doing so, Or those graduated from homeschooling and now attend college or hold a job are completely welcome, too.

There are three sessions:
*Session 1, August 30 - September 6, Oregon
*Session 2, September 9 - 16, Oregon
*Session 3, October 4 - 11, West Virginia

It is 80 - 100 unschoolers and staff. We swim; talk; sing; drum; dance; hike; stare at the sky; play volleyball and softball; take creative, emotional, and intellectual risks; encourage each other to do amazing things; have talent shows; constantly teach and learn from each other. It is a free and safe space. It is amazing and it is life changing.

I apologize for this being widely cross posted, but the message needs to get out.
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