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New Issue of Green Anarchy out now, Issue #17 2004


New Issue of Green Anarchy out now, Issue #17 2004

Summer 2004

Welcome To Green Anarchy # 17/Summer 2004

# Anarchist Resistance
# Earth and Animal Liberation Actions
# Indigenous and Campesino Resistance
# Prisoner Uprisings and Revolts
# Anti-Capitalist and Anti-Government Resistance
# The Wild and the (less) Domesticated Fight Back
# Further Symptoms of the System’s Meltdown
# State Repression News
# North American Political Prisoners
Listing of people being held by the state for politically-motivated activities with addresses for correspondence.

# End Game
# "subversion>insurrrection>revolution>autonomy>anarchy" by snot elemental
# The Towering Inferno!
# "Bring It All Down: An Interview with Derrick Jensen"
# "Beyond Utopian Visions: The Rejection of a ‘Perfect’ Society" by A. Morefus
# "Green Parties or Green Revolution?" by Dave Antagonism
# "Misery’s Passage" by Rene Riesel
# "Reclaiming Chuang Tzu for Anarchy"
# "Where’s The Rage?!!" by Michael Africa
# What is Left?: Nihilism vs. Socialism by A!
# "Objective Reality and Reality as Object" by Helena
# "A Warning to Insurrectionaries Who Dwell In Scenes" by Dan D. Lion
# "The Nihilist Dictionary" part 2: Technology
# "The Garden of Peculiarities" (fragments 12 and 15)
# "News from the Balcony" with Waldorf and Statler
# Reviews
# Letters
# and more!

Issue #17 also contains:

Back to Basics volume four: What Is Green Anarchy?: An Introduction to Anti-Civilization Anarchist Thought and Practice

Print copies of Green Anarchy are available for $4 each in the U$A, $5 Canada, $6 Europe, $7 the rest of the world. Green Anarchy is free to prisoners.

5 issue subscription:
US: $18
Canada: $22
Europe: $28
The rest of the planet: $32
Other countries: contact us for subscription info.

Distro rates:
1-49 copies = $1.75/copy
50+ copies = $1.50/copy
Contact us for more info.

Back issues:
Issues 6-16 still available.
$3.00 per copy
$28 for the complete set

Send well-concealed cash, postal money orders
or checks made out to:

Green Anarchy
PO Box 11331
Eugene, OR 97440
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