AeNa YvELLe (moonwindstarsky) wrote in lifeoutside,

alternatives, reform for education

Such as Sudbury Valley, Free, Democratic, or other Holistic schools? What about converting schools into unschooling facilities with teachers as mentors?

Having a national minimum standard would level the requirements, but it may limit learning freedom. (I wonder if accelerated learning methods, such as those written in books would help.)The system needs to undergo a transformation to make students more included/involved in a less structured system. Models such as Summerhill, Sudbury Valley, Free schools, Democratic schools, or even unschooling/natural learning/autodidactism. Looking at international education models can also provide insight. Schools should provide the necessary resources to help students blaze their own career paths, guiding them toward possibilities in their interests early on. Basics would be covered when needed. Classes would be multi-interdisciplinary, extending to life applications. An account of an American high school study abroad student at a Scandanavian system stated that the Scandanavian system was more free. There was almost no homework, no tests so students could focus on other important issues in life. Classes were interdisciplinary and discussions were led by both students and professors/teachers. Alternatives to higher education should be considered as well, since not everyone is made to fit the same mold.

I made pages on educational alternatives
and issues/controversies

These pages are for anyone who maybe interested in learning about other alternatives outside the system, including no system. Autodidactic Press Autodidact Society for Self Taught Our Cry
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