AeNa YvELLe (moonwindstarsky) wrote in lifeoutside,

Publishing TLH WorldWide Around the World

I made a website out of my interests. I think the unschooling philosophy started a big part of learning how to make a site. There's pages there dedicated to unschooling and education, programs and college, universities and careers. I wish I unschooled, it would have saved so much time.

Alternative Learning Organization is publishing a book project for the "The Teenage Liberation Handbook" in many different languages for distributing globally This way more people who don't know/would like to know about natural learning, autodidactism, unschooling have a chance to read about it.
Their site is for unschooling, natural learning, autodidactism, self-educated/taught/led/directed learning. Ami's Anti-Schooling Site School Survival Anti-Academic Society

groups for unschoolers around the world are and
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